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With an engineering mindset linked to an experienced entrepreneurial background and passion for the aviation industry, Cesar very early in his career, had a unique opportunity to develop a global understanding of the power that is brought in building elite teams, creating trust, generating highly technical state of the art, environmentally conscious solutions to remarkably transform the aviation arena. Cesar Rivera graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University. His educational background gave him the tools necessary to get one step closer in fulfilling his passion of innovating the aviation industry. Cesar found the ideal catalyst to materialize his vision by launching International Repair Technologies, a company derived from a shared philosophy of listening to the customers’ needs, innovate opportunities, generate unique solutions that will ultimately create value and build trust with an elite array of aviation companies.

Tim Waggoner provides over 30 years of extensive aviation MRO experience beginning in power plant component repair before transitioning to accessories repair to include hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical, fuel, landing gear, and APU engine component repairs. Tim began his carrier working production on the maintenance shop floor before transitioning into managerial positions in production, quality control, marketing, and engineering. In engineering he provided design, substantiation, and approval of aircraft component repairs supporting accessories, air frame and landing gear including tooling and test equipment design. Tim brings an extensive abundance of knowledge and experience to the International Repair Technologies team to provide further value for continued growth and support of our core values.


As a globally recognized FAA DER, Jeffrey Scott Smith started his career with a bachelor’s degree from the University Of Minnesota Institute Of Technology with a specialty in Power, Propulsion and Gas Turbine Design. Shortly after IRT's inception Jeffrey became a Member/Partner to the IRT's elite team bringing with him a wealth of fine-tuned entrepreneurial skills combined with 30 years experience in the aviation industry. Throughout his career, Jeffrey has had the opportunity to start, expand, purchase and sell top aviation entities that have made a significant impact in the market. He has also had the exclusive opportunity to be the lead engineer for world-renowned engines and subassembly components such as the Pratt & Whitney JT8D, JT9D, 2035 as well as develop specialized repair and market strategies for all major current APU platforms. As a key partner in the success of International Repair Technologies, he hopes to bring to life his unique well crafter vision to create and implement innovative initiatives that will further secure his goal of maximizing value for the Aviation Industry.

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